Frequently Asked Questions

Our colleagues of the European Teachers Partnership
did this lovely presentation with some FAQs (thanks Katka & Peter!)

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Which course is best for me?

In the summary table of course options in the page called 3. Courses on Offer in this web, you can see we've basically divided the diploma course into little steps, in order to make it easier to decide how much commitment you wish to give - in time - & also your budget (+ you can start to earn "Permis" from option A).

It is important to note however that our way of teaching is that we adapt to your level, interest & speed: we don't expect you to adapt to ours.   
So anytime you start, in any option you take, is really the right way for you, because it will automatically be adapted to your needs: this is the core meaning of "Action Learning": it's about your life, your learning & your experience.    

How are the contents presented?

We have many ways of presenting the contents, & consider that the most important content is the dialogue & the designs that you will be presenting throughout the course.     We have various internal fora for this where we dialogue about how the class contents can be applied to real-life situations.  We also help you from the start to develop your design portfolio where you demonstrates how much of the theory you understand, so that between all of us we can support you in putting it into practice increasingly well. 

We provide online recorded classes: you can see & listen to the teacher whilst you see the slides of a presentation - exactly as is done in a regular class, but with the advantage that you can see it when you like, pause the class & watch again parts of it if you wish.
You can also see the people present in the class making comments at the same time, & we encourage everyone to make comments & questions on the contents in the dialogue spaces of each class.

We have encountered many benefits of doing this in writing, because for eg. you get to listen to the thinking of many colleagues, including those who took the class before you.

In the e-book, you can see the support materials for these classes: in total there are 50 classes distributed in 5 modules.

Normally what is considered 'contents' are the theory classes given by a teacher, & we consider our classes of a very high standard & we present models that aren't usually seen in Permaculture courses, but, we repeat, the contents that we consider more important are the dialogues & your evolving designs.  

How is the work evaluated?

Do we have to present written work, is there a practical component that the students have to develop during the course?

We only deal with action-learning programs, which meants that they are totally based in real-life practice: in your home, your project/s, your life.
You need to interact with the material we teach: in the dialogues as in your practice, we want to see that you are using the tools that we have available to us as permaculture designers.

It is for this reason that we give a central role to your design portfolio.    If you still don't have designs we help you start them because in reality everything that we do in life are designs, & it is only when they are not designed in a conscious way that they don't work too well.

Depending on the option that you choose, at the end of the course you will need to present one or various designs (the ways to document them is another creative design in itself) that demonstrate that you have understood & applied the relevant tools.

You can also see the designs of other students, & participate in them to the extent that you wish, & much learning is gained from having this unusual perspective as well. 

What kind of support is there for students questions & doubts?

We are particularly pleased with the continuous expert support that we are able to provide with this new type of courses.   

All students, irrespective of what course they choose, have many ways & opportunities for interaction.  You can put questions in the dialogue spaces, your own blog or design portfolio, as you prefer & at any time.

Also we have a live class every month, where you can ask or present things that interest you directly, with audio, video & where we can also draw, chat, show videos, photos, presentations, etc.

Depending on the option that you choose, there are also additional work groups that meet to discuss particular issues.

There are very many opportunities to ask things & the students also help each other a lot.

Are there presential sessions?  In which place? How long are they?

All activity that you do toward your designs are really presential sessions, & during the classes we also propose some practical activities (& nearly all don't really need the presence of a tutor in order to do them well). 

Also during the course we advise you where you can go to study some particular technique, if you need it, as there are very many places in the world where one can learn many things, & it is always most ecological & economical do it as near to your home as you can.   The important thing is to design well what it is you want exactly & then how to best achieve this - & we help you with all of this.

You can do intensive practical stays in the projects of the tutors, & the GaiaSis program (that we also support, was created for this & can now be taken to any project.

About the Course Costs & Tutorials

In the table* we can see one price, but then is it necessary to take the extra hour of tutorial that costs 27€?

With the exception of the Diploma option, the rest of the programs don't include personal tutorials & we simply recommend that you take at least one  (eg. in order to complete the designs that you need to present for the certificate), but they are not obligatory, & you can enjoy the group tutorials which are included (one per month).

Also you can add all the personal tutorials that you wish - we have put them separately because different people have different preferences, & we aim to be as flexible as possible, & adapt to your needs.

* click image to expand table

In which way are the teaching materials delivered?

We work with wikis, audio, video, documents & live + recorded classes.   If you wish you can download to paper the contents of the e-book & for those who request more printed documents we can advise which & how to obtain more.

When can I start?

The course can be started at any time or are there pre-established dates to start?

All courses start from the time you enroll, & you can enroll at any time.