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0. Free Mini Courses

Starting in July 2014 

we offer a series of Free Mini-Courses  

in which we invite you 

to explore the multi-media materials 

created by the Integral PermaCulture Academy

in a more inter-active, participative way:

1) as well as delving into a great variety of topics that we explore as integral permaculture designers

2) you will also to start to get to know 

3) & co-create with 

our community of students & practitioners, 

4) through a continuous dialogue 

about our varied experience, knowldege

& ideas.

Go to 

the Free MiniCourses website

for choice of courses

& enrolment details


Also note that

which we are improving constantly with our students 

is a great resource 
for self-directed learning which is ideal for creating

wherever you are.