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Our Birthday Party

posted Apr 29, 2012, 6:10 AM by Stella Ne   [ updated May 10, 2012, 11:27 AM by Jose Lorenzo Zamora ]
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In Abril we celebrated the first birthday of the PDC+++

& to celebrate we connected at a party on the 25th of april, from various continents (North & South America, Europe, Africa) with music, doing mind-maps of what the year has been for each of us, presenting how our designs are moving with photos & ... 
<<<  ... doing collective drawings like this one

We also celebrated by launching a few new proposals for the second year, thanks to the collaboration of the course students.    Here you can see some:

A year of Adventures ...

... of deep learnings, new friendships & life-changes.

It's been a year now that we set sail together with the first pioneers of this voyage which is delighting, challenging & amazing us ... 

& we have been welcoming new crew members during the journey, stopping off for anyone who felt ready to embark on this big adventure.

Este un comentario reciente de David, uno de los últimos a empezar:

 "Although am a recent arrival to the course

& I've almost not been able to meet up with the people,

I feel you like a family

& that this is an amazing journey

that has only just begun."

Jose also started quite a bit after the entry of the first group but he got involved straight away & says: 

I met this course when I was looking for PDCs around the world 
and stumbled upon the PDC+++, 
which is probably the best Permaculture Course in the world, 
and on top of it, I could afford it! 
(in spite of being a jobless 18 years old student). 

It has ended up totally changing my life: 
now I feel confident and joyful 
when I think about the future, 
where before, stuck in university life, 
I felt confused and hopeless, 
as no path seemed right. 

But since I enrolled, the more I get into it 
(enjoying the classes, online community, etc.), 
the more amazed I feel :) I
t's awesome! 

& Esther who on the other hand now has been with us quite a few years, says:

I trained as an Environmental Scientist at university, but I discovered the guts of PermaCulture with NodoEspiral in 2008, on my first PDC, a magical window that got me closer to my way of seeing the world.
After that I collaborated on another two of their courses as an aprentice teacher

In 2010 I participated in an Action Learning programme in Finca Luna in LaPalma, & that was a quantum leap in my awakening & evolution.

I decided to start the PC Diploma path.   The PDC+++ is that path, which enables me to have access to this action learning in the place where I live, without traveling, with the support of people who are facing in their day to day the same kinds of difficulties I have, talk the same language, & are participating in significant co-creations for a sustainable world.

The First Iberian Transition Conference

We participated in the first Iberian Transition meeting in April, & Sergio, one of our colleagues from the Association presented a workshop on the Awakening of Consciousness there: a synthesis of some of the things we present in the PDC+++ 

Here >> you can see more about this meeting, in the news of the Gaia Tasiri Association (Permaculturists without Frontiers)  > you can click the "Translate" label to see it in bad English :)

Permaculture Day, 6 of May

In solidarity with all the people that on this day are going to show their gardens & put up activities to make their permaculture work known in their areas, we also decided to do an 'open doors' event & organize a small exhibition (of the most accessible kind: online) of the work that students wish to share, so on the 6th of May, LOOK HERE (or click on the picture) to visit the show >> we've already created the space ... but it will stay empty until the 6th ...

Training for Everyone

After a year of experience with the PDC+++, & with the help of our students, we have made even more flexible the possibilities in order to adapt ourselves to the different learning needs, time, involvement ... creating an exhaustive price scale with the different possibilities.

As well as this we have internationalized prices, providing the possibility of accessing the training based on your local economy, combining this with the Permis system (you can pay for your course in hours), our complementary currency which we have been able to put to work thanks to the very valuable help of our students.

In this way you can do our Introduction Course paying according to what the hour is valued wherever you are, & from there start to earn Permis with which you can pay up to 60% of your training in case you would like to keep going deeper & immersing yourself in Permaculture.

You can see here the new prices scale & the various options of the PDC.
(click on the table above to see the summary bigger)

New Integral Permaculture Teachers

During the birthday party we also announced that a new door of opportunity opens for the students of the first PDC+++ who are interested in training to teach Integral Permaculture.

We are creating a special program for them because we have seen that it's important to ensure & nurture that high levels of integrity that are required in order to transmit this systemic, deep & extensive curriculum which we have created over many years of experience 'on the streets' & in the field, leading Transition community projects.

So we are also creating a concrete process to sustain a mark of quality that we think is necessary in this era of so much need of a change in the way we think*, where we notice that much 'alternative education' is in great part reproducing old patterns, only with different appearances.

(concretely from the green meme which is blocking progress in permaculture in many places, to the yellow meme of systemic thinking)

To this end we open a new space to welcome, nurture & support the next generation of trainers & collaborators for the NodoEspiral of the Permaculture Academy.     >>> More about this new program in the next Newsletter

News from the GaiaSis Project

We launched the GaiaSis Project in winter >> see & already in spring it's waking with new buds! 

With the birth of GaiaSis1 & GaiaSis2 it becomes much clearer & more explicit that the action learning programs that we offer really can be done in any place, & that in fact it is necessary to do them with lots of practice.

The only thing that really has changed is that now we can also help you find places where to go to learn permaculture whilst you work physically in existing projects, if for whatever reason you can't or don't wish to do the necessary practice at home.

Also now we off the 'regular PDC' or the basic one (the Permaculture Design Certificate that is understood as the minimum necessary in order to form part of the international permaculture network) & also the Integral Permaculture Certificate in an even easier way, at lower prices & in a residential format if you wish.

The 3 options essentially are the intensive versions of the levels of Certificate, Advanced Certificate & Diploma.     See for details.

For the latest newsletter of the 
EcoVillage "8thLife", which is one of the projects
which welcome Integral Permaculture students
who want to do lots of practical work,
click in the loquat tree



Web Re-design

Miaemi found us by internet & proposed helping us with our "webs woodland", in order to simplify & improve their design in exchange for taking the PDC+++.

It's very true that they are in need of a good pruning :o), you can already see some of the first fruits of his work here
Thankyou so much Miaemi!!

Click on the picture to go to the Exhibition that we prepared for International Permaculture Day