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We're Sailing!!

posted Apr 4, 2011, 3:09 PM by Stella Ne   [ updated Apr 5, 2011, 12:14 PM by Jose Lorenzo Zamora ]
April 2011

The PDC+++ course
is finally starting and we're very excited to be sailing on this new adventure with such a wonderful team!       
We have a great group of students & teachers to start with, 25 people from 4 continents taking the course in 2 languages ... & that's just directly: 7 of those (possibly more: they're deciding) are organizing study-groups with the course materials & our support, in their own communities - so multiplying the benefits of this course & also their own learning from it, as they practice being facilitators.     What is also particularly rewarding already is seeing quite a few busy parents who are really appreciating finally being able to do a permaculture course from home.    And we very much appreciate having them with us.

This is the beautiful Butterfly-Ship (image used with permission of the artist: Vladimir Kush) we're (metaphorically) sailing off on together ... and if you want to know why it's a butterfly ship just see our promotional video (below).

Another news is that we're updating this web.    We quite like how the page turned out, as a bilingual site, together with it's new sister-sites (still not presentable to the public, we're working on them), and thought it would be easier on everyone to also have (this site) be bilingual in the same way (instead of the old English mirror site we attempted).   So, as ever, thanks for your patience as we speed on with our adventurous action-learning.

in January we inaugurated the new & fully bi-lingual page, as the PDC+++ course is promising to be a new big venture for us, we are enjoying the reception of the Online Conferences - which, apart from an excellent stand-alone Introduction to Integral Permaculture are also the introductory course to this year-long very complete course.

So we thought it deserved it's own website.   As with other of our initiatives, Nodo Espiral 'incubates' small test-runs, trials & experiments, then if we observe that they work well, that they supply a real need and are viable, we "push them out of the nest" when we think they can fly by themselves.   

So the PDC+++ course, which starts on 4th April 2011 now has it's own web,
PermaCultureScience.comjust like various of the Spanish courses we piloted in previous years, which you can see under 'Cursos' in the Spanish NodoEspiral site.