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Beltane Bounty ...

posted May 8, 2011, 10:54 AM by Stella Ne   [ updated Jul 19, 2011, 4:41 PM by Jose Lorenzo Zamora ]

Everything flowers! 

On our farms we notice the abundance of nature with the multiplication of flowers and baby animals, domestic and wild, and this is also reflected in the work of NodoEspiral now, with many flowers and 'creatures' who are the result of the seeds we sowed with much excitement last autumn, when we launched
 Integral Permaculture with a series of free online conferences. 

The seeds of our intention were to change the perception of permaculture as quite so embedded in the outer quadrants (things we can touch and see, the domain of reductionist science), also known as the 'masculine realm' of our consciousness, and to bring a  clearer and truly holistic perspective. 

We wanted to emphasize that Permaculture can provide the same depth of insight and discipline in modeling of the internal parts of human experience (how we think and interrelate, which is, after all, where we tend to fail in all our projects) that it brings to the outside aspects of our social structures: how we shelter & feed ourselves. 

Another part of our intention was to create an action-learning environment of sufficient duration and depth, with a wide range of theoretical materials to apply, in order to eliminate forever (we hope!) the bad habits of just copying recipes (accumulating a library of 'permaculture techniques'), instead of designing original systems from the start.     

This happens often because  the first principles are not very clear, and the results are mediocre designs, which then keep multiplying a very superficial understanding of this magnificent science of permaculture. 

We are very excited about the new action-learning course in Integral (and deep!) Permaculture with online support, which is the wonderful new PDC + + + 



Our 'butterfly ship' (the mythical symbol with which we play, to join up in this great journey of an entire year) is already sailing from a month ago, and we're really enjoying the views of all the landscapes that we are discovering together, getting to know each other & sharing the great gifts that we are, among the international crew (of four continents & in two languages!) 

"From learning to unlearn by learning, to sharing seeds, drawing mind maps to deal with thickets, all this gathering in one place people in 4 continents ... and its only been one month .... what awaits us!  :(... oh, and the teachers let you smoke in class!) "  says Pau, one of the students. 

María José says: "From linearity to the chaos of ideas, from the chaos to dream of creating.    I hope we find the path to DOING, to build in the positive from the seed of the true essence of humanity itself.

Adriana says: "Back to birthing ... a new seed that feeds from everything around it, making fertile connections, going step by step, from the smallest ...   Observing attentively how the others do it in order to also be fruitful. Happiness in knowing there are so many seeds in the Earth that grow & grow!"  

"We are off to a great start!  So much to learn, so little time!"  says Monica. 

Charo added in our private spaces, "after reading everyone  ... I am delighted that we can keep adding information and comments here, this is amazing!

Lots of ways to participate

We are now halfway through Module 1 (Collective Intelligence last week - great subject!) & also gradually incorporating a terrific international team of teachers (which we will introduce soon), and we've also begun the Integral Permaculture online book,  which is up at (org = organic, because it will continue to grow organically as the science of permaculture does) 

We have also found a way to facilitate that new travellers may join us on the course at any time and also that people can download or view the classes by themselves, without being on the course (for a small donation that we hope will encourage people to share the talks with their Transition group / friends, family, etc.)

The wheel of year turns ... and now we celebrate the beginning of summer with Beltane, the ancient fire festival of fertility and abundance. 

Cosmologically we are half way between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, and mythologically speaking, this point of the solar year was marked in all cultures in Northern Europe (probably in others as well) & is better known by the name Celtic Beltane or Bealtaine (Irish for "Good Fire). 

This season we also have Mother's Day, and if you have environmental inclinations is very apt to celebrate Gaia (the 'earth mother') & give thanks for (and even better, work towards) her fertility and abundance. 

To the Celts, Beltane marked the beginning of the pastoral summer season when the herds were brought into the green pastures and grazing lands in the mountains. 

One of the main activities of the festival was to light fires in the mountains and hills, an act of ritual and political significance.    Elsewhere there are dances around the Maypole to celebrate the arrival of the goddess or spirit of summer, and also there are traditional 'trial marriages', for a year, for lovers who are thinking of starting a family.